3 Reasons You Can’t Go to Closing Without a Termite Report

It can be anyone’s worst nightmare to purchase a building only to discover that termites infest it. Anyone who reads the previous line will quickly assume that the probability of such a scene playing out is slim. However, the statistics show that so many homeowners who did not do their due diligence are facing the horrors of wood-destroying insects in their home. A source from a reputable Long Island Home Inspection Company says “It is important for every homeowner to ensure that they get a termite report before they purchase a property.’’ This position was reiterated by a recent documentary that was aired on a local TV station.

It is pertinent to highlight three reasons why you cannot go to closing without a Termite report, but we must build the basics before pushing further on the subject. The Termite Inspection Long Island experts have consistently warned that the absence of wood-destroying insects when you want to purchase a building does not mean that they might not appear in future. They believe that the investment to work with professionals will save you money and lots of stress in the future. In a bid to make it easy for clients who need their service, most of these companies offer discounts that will enable people to stay safe at very affordable rates.

A Long Island home inspector said that he is aware that virtually every company in the home inspection business handles termite reports. He believes that no one has an excuse when it comes to enjoying great cover when they want to buy a home. He stated that the advent of technology has made it easy for people to assess different companies’ profiles before making their pick. In his recent presentation which was made at a consumer forum in a choice area of the city, he reiterated that it is possible to invest in a property that will not give you problems in the future. He said that the best way to get this done is to connect with those who can deliver with precision.

Home Inspection ReportTo adequately address the subject at hand; here is a quick look at the three reasons why you cannot go to closing without a termite report:

The Experts warn against it: The American Society of Home Inspectors has warned that most homes can lose up to 70% of its current value if it is infected by termites. They believe that it can be quite painful to watch your property go down the drain simply due to the activity of these wood-destroying insects. In some instances, those who list their property may not be aware that such challenge might come up in the future. The house could be sold in good faith, but the trouble that will emerge after the sale could be unending. The best thing to do when you are investing in a property is to get a home inspector to help you check for termites and other wood-destroying insects.

It could erode the value of your investment: When you purchase a property, there is the likelihood that it will increase in value if it is in good condition. However, you may not be able to enjoy this benefit if your home is destroyed by termites. Interestingly, termites may not surface in the first year after you bought your home. They may come up 5 or 6 years into your home ownership. This means that you must not leave things to chance. It’s nice to preserve your investment with the help of a termite report.

Two Hands Shaking on a dealIt can cost you huge sums in repairs/maintenance: Spending recurrently to deal with a challenge can drain your finances. The New York State License Board states that any home which is infested by termites might need to spend hundreds of dollars for it to be adequately treated. This is not a good position if you want to use your funds to address other pressing issues.

There are so many horror stories about people who bought a property without getting a termite report. You do not want to be in that league so it is wise to connect with the professionals who can help you assess the building before you commit funds. In all, the steps you take in prevention is far better than trying to remedy a damaged property.


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